Here's just a small sampling of some of the projects we are currently working towards in the Greater Grand Forks Region.

Art of Wellness Gallery featured within the Altru Professional Center

Art of Wellness Gallery featured within the Altru Professional Center

Galleries and Exhibitions

To make art more available to the buying public, and to help create a market for regional artists, the Public Arts Commission is proud to announce that in addition to the Mayor’s Choice Exhibit, PAC has opened two new art galleries alongside two long-term exhibitions at Altru Professional Center and the Alerus Center. Each PAC Art Gallery will feature the work of up to six regional artists at time, and the work, available for purchase, will be on display for four months before rotating new work in.  Between the two galleries, the work of 36 artists per year will be exhibited and up for sale for art collectors wishing access to original works of art. For purchase inquiries please email

Current Installations:

Mayor’s Choice Exhibit at City Hall: May 2nd to September 30th

Art of Wellness at Altru Professional Center: March 21st to July 31st

Art and Artists Among Us at Alerus Center: May 23rd to September 30th

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Northern rose

The “Northern Rose” created by Minnesota artist, Zoran Mojsilov, represents “the frontier spirit” which flowered among the immigrants who settled here in the late 19th Century—people who survived the loneliness and desolation of the area to carve a better future for themselves and their children. As immigrants, they worked the land, settled towns and cities, started businesses and came to love the beauty of this northern region. 

This rock work of art represents the strength and courage of the settlers as it mirrors the rose which survived the brutal winters, scorching summers and bloomed despite numerous adversities. Surrounded by prairie grasses, this larger than life rose carved from granite in hues of red and pink, reflects the Prairie Rose—North Dakota’s state flower.

The Northern rose or prairie rose first pleased the Native inhabitants, then the immigrants who arrived later.  Still with us today, its delicate beauty belies its strength.  

Installation Date: Fall 2019



This intricate sculpture, known as "Confluence" was named for the confluence, or merging, of the Red and Red Lake rivers. It was created by California artist Gordon Huether, and when complete will stand 30 feet tall. This beautiful piece will shimmer brightly in sunlight, but will also glow from within during the long North Dakota nights.

Installation Date: TBD